Interview | Barry Goldberg Brings Blues Reunion to St. Charles

Much has been made of Keith and Mick’s meet up at the train depot in Dartford, England. They bonded over blues records and their shared love of musicians like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Chuck Berry. When these boys hit it big as the Rolling Stones, they tried to pay it forward by bringing their beloved bluesmen on tour with them.


Here in Chicago, a couple of chance encounters at the Jazz Record Mart on Illinois Street helped set the stage for a big stateside blues revival. Bob Koester’s iconic shop was one of the local outposts where Michael Bloomfield and Barry Goldberg discovered they were on the same musical track.

They soon found other like-minded blues lovers, all of whom helped bring the genre to places like the Fillmore East, Newport Folk Festival and other venues of note.

Although guitar virtuoso Bloomfield passed away in the early eighties, keyboard whiz Goldberg is still going strong and is preparing to return to the Chicago area as part of the big “Chicago Blues Reunion” on May 12th at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles.


He said this all-star reunion will feature “many of my old buddies and survivors of that wonderful period.”

Many of the musicians taking the stage in St. Charles ran together in the early sixties. As chronicled in Paul Butterfield’s iconic “Born in Chicago” song, they set out to blues clubs on the city’s tough west and south sides and sat in with Muddy, Howlin’ Wolf and many others.


Photos: Howard Greenblatt

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